Bing AI: Microsoft’s answer to ChatGPT is now available to everyone

Starting today, you no longer need to apply for Bing's AI feature.

Starting today, you no longer need to apply for Bing’s AI feature.

Starting today you can use Microsoft’s AI chatbot Bing AI without a waiting list. Today, the text AI is moving from a closed to an open preview phase. So instead of having to apply to use Bing AI first, all you have to do is log in with your Microsoft credentials.

The US website TechRadar, among others, provides information about the change to the open model. According to them, Microsoft is also said to have planned new, powerful functions for the text bot.

Bing AI: Microsoft ends closed preview phase

In February, Microsoft introduced the AI ​​function for its search engine Bing and thus attracted a lot of attention. This went so far that shortly afterwards Google had to react in the form of its own AI bot. However, their chatbot Bard is generally considered inferior to Microsoft’s Bing AI.

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So far, anyone who wanted to use Bing’s text AI had to limit themselves to a few hand-picked demo questions or apply for access to the closed preview. As of today, however, the function is available to all registered users as an open preview.

To try out Bing AI for yourself, all you have to do is open the Microsoft search engine in the Edge browser. You can then ask the bot your questions via the chat window.

A number of optimizations are planned for Bing AI.  (Image: Microsoft)

A number of optimizations are planned for Bing AI. (Image: Microsoft)

Microsoft is planning new features for Bing AI

As TechRadar also reports, a number of innovations are planned for Bing AI. Multimodality is at the top of the list.

This means: Bing AI should no longer be limited to text in the future. Instead, you should also be able to present images to the chatbot in the future, to which it then reacts accordingly.

In a presentation, Microsoft showed this using an example. A picture was inserted that showed crocheted animals. This was linked to the text request as to whether Bing AI could show you how to crochet the monkey shown in the picture.

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Thanks to multimodality, Bing AI should no longer only be able to reply with text. Instead, the AI ​​should also eject images and even videos in response to questions. On the question Why is Neptune blue? the AI ​​not only answered in the presentation, but also added an image of the planet.

Other innovations are said to be a storage function for previous sessions with Bing AI and an option to name previous chats. An export function is also planned, with which chats can be saved as Word documents or PDFs.

There is also a deeper integration of Bing AI into the Edge browser, including the ability to have the AI ​​sort open tabs. Plugins that integrate partners like OpenTable or Wolfram Alpha are also in the pipeline.

Now it’s your turn! Will you try the Bing AI Open Preview directly? Have you been using the feature since the closed phase? Or are you rather critical of all the hype surrounding AI chatbots? What do you think of the chat feature enhancements announced by Microsoft? Write us your opinion in the comments!

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