Ukraine denounces a Russian bombing against a crowded hospital in Kharkov without victims to mourn

Sandbagged maternity hospital in Kiev

Sandbagged maternity hospital in Kiev – -/Ukrinform/dpa

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Local authorities in the Kharkov region have denounced that the Russian Army has bombed a hospital in the town of Oskol where at least 330 patients were convalescing, although the attack has left no victims.

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The attack took place against the Psychoneurological Institute in the town of Oskil, in the center-east of the country and very close to the Lugansk combat front, according to a message from the Ukrainian State Emergency Service for the Kharkov region published on its account. From Facebook.

The explosion, caused by at least one shell, caused “the destruction of the second and third floors” when “the entire staff of the institution and 330 patients (mainly elderly and disabled) were sheltered at the time of the attack”.

Subsequent attacks have also caused damage to “local structures” in various places, authorities added.

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The Ukrainian authorities have denounced on several occasions that the Russian Army is deliberately shooting at various medical facilities in the country, especially in recent days in the city of Mariupol, which is located in the southeast of Ukraine and whose conquest is key to the country’s aspirations. of Russia to unite the Crimean peninsula with the rebel territories of Donbas.

Pavlo Kirilenko, from the Donetsk regional military administration, has indicated that a maternity hospital, a medical center, as well as other health facilities, have been attacked by Russian troops in the area, according to another statement released through Facebook.

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