Russia gives free rein to local companies to steal any technology patented by “unfriendly” countries

With the risk of long-term compromise of relations with Western companies that have announced only a temporary suspension of activities in Russia, the Kremlin power is paving the way for the nationalization of assets left “to rot” and “enrich” Russian companies with any technology attributed to economic entities. from countries declared “unfriendly”.

The measure, which defies any conventions and provisions of international law, is attributed to the effort to fight the “economic war” against Russia.

However, by tacitly admitting that the effect of international sanctions seriously affects the morale of the population, the Russian authorities have left a door open, precisely for McDonalds and other brands that could be considered the most important exponents of “Western decadence”. According to the state media, the restrictions could be lifted at any time if those companies show interest in resuming normal business.

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For the rest of the injured companies, the effects of the loss of patent protection will vary depending on the value of that patent and the possibilities for Russian companies to integrate and use that technology. The news from the Kremlin unfortunately comes in confirmation of the warnings given by the US Government many years ago, regarding the systematic infringement of intellectual property rights on the territory of Russia.

Last year, Russia was among the nine nations on a “priority watch list” for alleged failures to protect intellectual property. Now that the acquisition of patented technologies is practically legal in Russia, Russian entities can no longer be sued for damages resulting from the unauthorized use of patented technologies by Western companies.

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However, the biggest losses will also be for Russia, which for many years will remain a risky territory for foreign investors, the current measures setting a precedent that could be repeated at any time for companies that break the “friendship” with local authorities.

“It’s just another example of how [Putin] it has forever changed Russia’s relationship with the rest of the world, “said Josh Gerben, an intellectual property lawyer in Washington.

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