Ukraine claims to have destroyed a Wagner Group base in Lugansk

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Ukrainian authorities have reported on Monday the destruction of one of the bases of the Russian private military group Wagner in the town of Popasna, in the Lugansk region.

The military chief of the Lugansk region, Serhi Haida, has welcomed in a Facebook post that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have once again been “successful” in destroying one of the “enemy’s” headquarters.

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Haida has explained that the exact number of deaths that the attack would have caused is not yet known, but stressed that the offensive has destroyed the facility.

On the other hand, he has also told that Russian troops have been deploying attack aircraft in recent days, when air offensives have been registered in three populated areas of the region.

Haida has told that in the early hours of Monday morning Russian forces have shelled on up to four occasions towns and villages with rocket launchers, as well as six others with mortars, in addition to four ground offensives using tanks.

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