Ukraine celebrates its independence on Wednesday, the sixth month anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine

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Ukraine celebrates this Wednesday, August 24, its Independence Day, on the same day that marks six months since Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the invasion of the country to “denazify” it.

Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky has addressed his compatriots to encourage them to move forward in the face of their “most terrible threat.” However, he stressed that the difficulties have not only achieved “greater national unity”, but also brought “the world together around true values”.

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“Our national flag has become a global symbol of courage. A symbol of those who value a free life. Where there is blue and yellow, there is not and will not be tyranny. Where there is blue and yellow, there is not and will not be savages,” he has declaimed.

Zelensky thanked those who have chosen to help Ukraine and announced that on the occasion of the National Day he will decorate those of his compatriots who have contributed, in different areas, to the defense of the country, which on Wednesday celebrates 31 years since it broke away from the Soviet Union.

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Likewise, Zelenski has also had words of support for the regions now controlled by the Russians, such as Kharkov, a “proud” region, which “soon”, he has promised, they will rid of that “evil that has nothing but artillery and missiles”; and the Crimean peninsula, to whose citizens they will also return “freedom”.

On the eve of this date, the United States has been alerted to the possibility that Russia would take advantage of it to intensify its attacks on civilian infrastructure and government facilities.


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