Montenegrin Parliament passes motion of censure against the government

The Parliament of Montenegro has approved in an extraordinary session on Friday night a motion of censure against the government of Dritan Abazovic.

At the session, out of 81 seats, 51 deputies were present, of which 50 voted in favor, and only one congressman voted against, as reported by the country’s public broadcasting company RTCG.

The motion against the Abazovic government was presented by the Socialists of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS). These have announced tonight that negotiations for the formation of a new government may begin this Saturday.

Podgorica signed in early August a pact with the Serbian Orthodox Church, despite the opposition of the DPS, to regulate relations between the two institutions. Opponents announced the motion of censure for making the agreement of for concealing the time when it was made.

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The prime minister has indicated that this move is irresponsible if the opposition does not have a plan to constitute a new cabinet. “I hope that we will quickly constitute a new government and get a new mandate (…). If that does not happen, it is irresponsible and the citizenry must know that it has pushed them into instability,” Abazovic has criticized.

Thus, he has added that he wants to “believe that (the opposition) has a continuation of the plan.” “This is just one of the political battles”, he has expressed.

Abazovic has also defended himself in his post by pointing out that no one could have done more in 100 days. “Maybe in a year or four, but not in 100 days,” he has assured, before remarking the results in the fight against crime and corruption.

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“I am proud of everything we have done in 100 days. We will be remembered as the government that lasted the shortest time. We will do our best to ensure that the government that will be formed after the elections will bring Montenegro into the EU,” the pro-European politician reiterated.

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