Ukraine assures that Russia is preparing a “propagandistic” trial against Azov Battalion fighters

MADRID, June 1 (Royals Blue) –

Ukrainian authorities have denounced this Wednesday that Russia is preparing to carry out a “propagandistic” trial against the fighters of the Azov Battalion – a unit with known neo-Nazi ties – as part of its campaign of alleged “denazification”.

The Center for Strategic and Security Communications of Ukraine has questioned the “international” nature of this tribunal recently announced by the leader of the self-proclaimed Donetsk republic, Denis Pushilin. “It is not clear even for Russia itself,” he has assessed.

“Preparations for this TV propaganda program are underway. This time, real people can act as witnesses and victims. Even those we knew. These are Ukrainians forcibly deported to Russia,” he said.

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“Russian investigators are guided by the principle that ‘confession is the queen of evidence’. Now the occupier has enough human material from Ukraine to select and prosecute those who will ‘testify’ and ‘confess’. It is not hard to imagine the circumstances under which this ‘evidence’ will appear,” Ukrainian authorities have speculated.

A couple of weeks ago, Russia reported the total withdrawal of the Ukrainian Army from the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol, which was the last redoubt until now of the forces loyal to kyiv, including the Azov Battalion, in this key port city. for both sides.

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Among the imprisoned Ukrainian combatants there are hundreds of combatants from this unit, elevated to a reservist regiment by the government of the president, Volodimir Zelenski, despite the dark origins of many of its leaders, among them recognized white supremacists such as Andrei Biletski, which it has served for Moscow to initiate a supposed crusade to ‘denazify’ the whole of Ukraine.

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