Poland has already received three million refugees from Ukraine

Refugees from Ukraine housed in a ship near Warsaw

Refugees from Ukraine housed in a ship near Warsaw – Attila Husejnow / Zuma Press / ContactPhoto

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More than three million people have arrived in Poland since Russia ordered a military offensive on Ukraine on February 24, to which almost 5.4 million refugees are attributed, a figure that according to the UN will skyrocket above 8 millions.

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The Polish Border Guard has updated its figures this Thursday to confirm that the threshold of 3 million has been exceeded. On Wednesday, Polish authorities estimate that some 24,800 people crossed the land border from Ukraine.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) estimates that some 5.4 million people have left for Ukraine’s neighboring countries, although this count does not clarify how many have continued to other parts of Europe.

Romania has already registered more than 800,000 arrivals, while Hungary exceeds around 507,000, Moldova 439,000 and Slovakia 364,000. UNHCR estimates that there are around 642,000 refugees in Russia, although local authorities say that the figure exceeds one million.

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The data has exceeded the displacement forecasts launched by the UN immediately after the start of the Russian invasion and UNHCR said this week that, at the current rate, the number of refugees will reach 8.3 million. In addition, the United Nations estimates that there are some 7.7 million internally displaced persons, who have left their homes but have remained inside Ukraine.

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