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Uber will become a “travel” app by integrating buses, trains, planes and hotels


Uber will soon be turning into an app that lets you travel locally to a travel app. You can now order cars or rent electric scooters through Uber, but in the future we will be able to buy bus or train tickets, plane tickets, or we will be able to rent cars without using multiple applications and services for this. Of course, related services will be provided through partners.

The Uber app is turning into a travel “super app”

The first market to receive access to new Uber services is the UK, which is the company’s largest market after the US. Here, Uber will test these new types of services. Not only does the size of the market seem to be the reason why Uber chose England, but also the fact that there are multiple competing services here, such as Bolt or Free Now, which do not offer such options, at least for now.

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The plan is to have partners for each type of service to ensure proper functioning. Uber will work to integrate software with their services, and partnerships will most likely need to be made for each market. For a start, it looks like trains and buses will be integrated in the UK, and you can buy tickets directly from the app, and later, airline tickets will appear. In the future, hotel rooms will also be targeted, with the idea behind the new direction being “complete door-to-door travel services”.

This way, you will be able to determine your complete transportation and accommodation needs only using Uber. You will be able to call a car to take you to the airport, you will be able to buy the plane ticket, set a flight from the destination airport or buy a train ticket from the airport to the hotel and rent the room from one place.

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However, it is unclear how this integration will affect prices for all of these services, as Uber will certainly charge a fee for each transaction made through its app.

source: CNBC

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