Wide tires & lots of performance for more comfort even off the trail

You can get the Jeep Fat MHFR 7100 at OTTO with a €1000 discount - it's never been so cheap!

You can get the Jeep Fat MHFR 7100 at OTTO with a €1000 discount – it’s never been so cheap!

Fat bikes are no longer uncommon. The wide tires ensure for better grip on terrain as well as on unpaved roads and in cooperation with the rest of the suspension, they provide a more comfortable driving experience. Jeep has also given this mountain bike a powerful electric motor. You can currently get the bike on offer at OTTO with a €1000 discount!

Get a €1000 discount on a great e-mountain bike at OTTO

Powerful drive and impressive range

One of the outstanding features of the Jeep E-Fatbike is the powerful 250 W rear motor. With impressive 40 nm torque This motor supports you on both long tours and steep climbs. You will feel the power of the engine literally pulling you up the mountain. The feeling of lightness and freedom that you experience is priceless.

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The energy source of this e-bike is a 36V – 10.4 Ah – 374.4 Wh battery that is integrated into the frame. This is not only practical, but also safe because it theft-protected is. You can remove the battery to charge it, giving you flexibility in your choice of charging location.

Depending on your chosen support level and the external conditions, you can achieve an impressive range of up to 60 kilometers on a full charge.

Comfort and safety in focus

To ensure that your adventures always remain pleasant and safe, the Jeep Mountain FAT e-bike is equipped with some sophisticated functions. The Aluminum suspension fork ensures a smooth ride, even if you drive over rough terrain or overcome obstacles such as branches or curbs. This fork absorbs shocks smoothly and increases your riding comfort.

Die Shimano 7-speed derailleur gears of the e-bike is another highlight. It not only offers unrivaled reliability, but also ease of use. Whether you are an experienced cyclist or a beginner, you will appreciate the smooth functionality of this circuit.

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The mechanics of this circuit have been tried and tested for decades. You can repair and adjust the bike yourself without having to rely on expensive visits to the workshop. This gives you the freedom to customize the fat bike the way you need it.

Disc brakes front and rear offer you maximum security. When things go downhill quickly or you need to react quickly in tricky situations, disc brakes offer unsurpassed controllability and braking power.

Get a €1000 discount on a great e-mountain bike at OTTO

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