U.S. House of Representatives approves 830 billion in defense spending by 2023

The U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday approved allocating more than 830 billion euros for the country’s defense budget for fiscal year 2023, increasing by 30 billion what was budgeted by the Biden Administration.

Supported by 329 of the 430 parliamentarians present, it is the second consecutive year in which Democrats and Republicans have backed a significant increase in the Pentagon’s spending plan and overall military policy, as reported by ‘Politico’.

In addition to the budget, the bill approved by the Lower House also rejects several of the US president’s national security plans, such as the nuclear cruise missile that the administration planned to manufacture, or the sales of F-16 fighter jets to Turkey.

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In this regard, the bill causes a setback to Biden’s intention to sell F-16s to Turkey as well, as the House has passed an amendment adding hurdles over concerns about its purchase of Russian weapons, or the violation of neighboring countries.

Democrats and Republicans have also approved earmarking several billion euros for extra aircraft and ships, according to the cited media outlet.

It will now be the Senate’s turn to adopt its own version of the bill, to later convene a committee to unite the two chambers’ version, a process that could drag on for several months.

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