Two more people suspected of involvement in Oslo LGTBI club shooting arrested

Oslo Police reported Monday that they have arrested two men suspected of involvement in a June shooting at a nightclub frequented by members of the LGTBI community in the Norwegian capital, where two people died and more than twenty were injured.

“Two men aged 30 and 40, respectively, were arrested,” the police said in a statement in which it indicated that the arrestees have been charged with terrorist collaboration. One of the detainees has Somali citizenship, while the other is of Norwegian nationality.

On the night of June 24-25, a shooting occurred in the vicinity of the club, the London Pub, just the night before the LGTBI Pride parade. According to information from the NRK channel, four people have since been arrested.

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One of them, Zaniar Matapour, accused of perpetrating the attack, was arrested and is under psychiatric observation. Another, identified as Arfan Bhatti, is currently in Pakistan.

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