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Twitter Blue subscription gets more expensive without extra features


One of Elon Musk’s plans to increase and diversify Twitter’s revenue was Twitter Blue subscriptions, which have been launched for some time in certain regions. Apparently the current Twitter management has come to the same conclusion, and is now trying to increase its revenue from this subscription. Launched last year at a price of $2.99, the price will increase from October to $4.99 for those who already have subscriptions. All new subscribers will already have to pay the higher price.

Twitter is asking for more money for the same capabilities it offered in the past

Currently, subscriptions are only available in four regions: US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, with equivalent prices in local currencies ($2.99 US, $3.49 Canadian, $4.49 Australian and $4.49 New Zealand). After the price increase, the subscription goes up to $5 US, $6.5 Canadian and $7 Australian or New Zealand dollars. Anyone who does not subscribe until after 27 or 28 July is automatically switched to the new price. Most likely, when it launches in more regions, including Europe, new users will pay the increased price upfront.

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But the benefits of this subscription are not as great as they might seem, given what other monthly subscriptions on other platforms offer. For $5, Twitter allows you to retract tweets immediately after accidentally sending them, as well as being able to customize your icons and navigation bar. Probably the most “noticeable” change you’ll see for Blue subscribers is the ability to change your profile icon to an NFT, which is displayed with a different shaped border than the usual circle. Even the ads don’t disappear altogether, just the ones in the Blue Publisher network Twitter feed.

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“This change helps us continue to build some of the features you’ve asked for, enhance the features you currently love, and will support our mission to support journalism.”, Twitter representatives said following the announcement.

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