Disney offers Disney+ for 6.99 lei, but only for a few days

On Disney+ Day only, fans have the opportunity to join the Disney+ streaming platform for 6.99 lei. The offer is valid from tomorrow, 8 September at 07:00 until 20 September at 09:59. New and renewing subscribers can enjoy the first month of Disney+ at the discounted price, after which the monthly subscription reverts to 29.99 lei.

The company offers interface and translations in Romanian, in addition to languages such as Polish, Hungarian, Czech, or Slovak, in other countries in the region. Some shows can even be dubbed into Romanian. Of course, there is the option of seeing the content in the original language of the film or series. Playback is available in up to 4K resolution with HDR and Dolby Atmos audio support.

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In terms of content, there are various ‘channels’ in the app. From classic Disney and Pixar animations, to the Star Wars and Marvel universes, to movies and documentary series on National Geographic, to movies and series on Stars, where some of the most popular movies and series from Disney’s portfolio come in.

The Disney+ app is available on all major platforms: iOS and Android, Amazon devices like Fire TV, gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox, smart TVs running Android, webOS or Tizen, and other platforms. There is also the ability to limit child profiles to certain rating thresholds, from 0+ to 18+. Adult profiles can also be password protected.

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