Tutorial: how to use Google Chrome for remote control instead of TeamViewer

Google Chrome is not only the world’s most popular browser on both desktop and mobile, it’s also an app that can do a lot more than just open web pages. Few users know it, but Google Chrome also has a remote computer control system, similar to solutions like TeamViewer, that can be used quickly, based on an official Google extension. Here’s how you can use Chrome Remote Desktop.

As long as Chrome is installed on both computers (the one you want to connect to and the one you’ll be connecting from), it’s easy to start a new connection between them.

How to install Chrome Remote Desktop

First, you need to install Chrome Remote Desktop, which is an extension for Google Chrome. This is done on the first login attempt on each of your computers:

  1. Go to remotedesktop.google.com
  2. Click on Share My Screen
  3. Either click the download button or click Install in the notification to download the extension
  4. Click on Add to Chrome from the open window
  5. You will need to provide the permissions the extension requires and accept the installation
  6. If you are using macOS, you will also need to install a dedicated application
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Chrome remote desktop download

Once installed, every time you want to hand over control of a computer to someone else, go to remotedesktop.google.com and click Share my Screen. This button will generate a 12-character code that you’ll need to send to the person who will take control.

Alternatively, if you want to control a computer remotely, enter the code in the box below the site called “Connect to another computer”.

The person giving up control of the computer will have to press the Share button on the notification that appears on the screen, and from that point on, the mouse and keyboard will be available for use by the person connecting remotely.

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A notification appears at the bottom stating that the PC is remotely controlled, and pressing Stop Sharing can stop the connection at any time. From time to time, the user relinquishing control will also have to press a button so that the connection is not automatically stopped. This function is implemented for safety.

How to enable Remote Access for unlimited control of a computer

You can avoid this inconvenience by setting your software to Remote Access, so that you can always connect to another computer without limits with a PIN. This is also done from the website, in the left bar, where the Remote Access function is:

  1. Click on Remote Access in the left bar
  2. Turn On
  3. Choose a computer name
  4. Set a PIN

remote desktop sharing

After that, you’ll be able to log in to that PC, if it’s turned on, based on that PIN only.

The Remote Access feature also works from your mobile, but not Remote Support.

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