Instafest: who would play at your music festival, based on your Spotify history

You’ve probably seen various posters on social media over the past few days for festivals that don’t exist. These are generated by Instafest, a site that can link to your Spotify account to generate a festival “lineup” perfectly molded to your tastes, based on your listening habits. Here’s how you can create your own “festival” based on the music you’ve been listening to lately.

Instafest website uses data from your Spotify account to create a festival lineup

Instafest is a free website that requires login with your Spotify account to access. It has one function: to generate a picture of your favourite artists. Once you log in, within seconds, the site will generate an image of your “perfect” festival, and its name will be the very name you have set on Spotify.

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You’ll get a three-day festival lineup, using your favorite artists as “headliners” for each of the three days, with the other lines populated by bands or artists you don’t listen to that often.

But that’s not all. By default, Instafest uses data for the last six months, but you can create a different poster if you choose other time intervals. You can choose the last four weeks, six months or your entire account history. You also have a choice of three backgrounds, so you can customise how your poster looks. Most of the people who post these social media posters seem to use the default image, so you can stand out a bit with a different image.

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There are also a few other options: one would be to drop the “custom” name for a generic “Instafest” one, or to display a “basic score”. This measures how much of the music you’re listening to is more “popular”, or if it’s more niche. At the end, you can choose to post the poster image on your social media accounts.

Instafest is created by one man, Anshay Saboo, who created the site after seeing many posts from Coachella last summer and trying to imagine what the perfect lineup would be for him at such a festival.

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