Trump’s first wife may have been buried on a golf course to pay less taxes

Donald Trump’s first wife, Ivana Trump, has been buried in the first hole of the Trump National Golf Club, in New Jersey, so according to state law being a cemetery it is a tax-free property.

According to Trump Family Trust tax documents published by ProPublica, the former president’s family has applied to rezone the Hackettstown golf course grounds as a non-profit cemetery enterprise, reports U.S. digital newsmagazine Insider. Ivana Trump is the first person to be buried on the golf course, as far as is known.

Under New Jersey law, any land that is used as a cemetery is exempt from real estate taxes, fees or personal property taxes. They also do not pay corporate, income or inheritance taxes.

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State law defines a “cemetery corporation” as “a person, corporation, association, or other entity that owns a cemetery, but does not include religious organizations that own cemeteries and restrict burials to persons of their creed.”

In 2012, information already transcended about Trump’s intention to build himself a mausoleum for his grave on this land, but it was later reported that he intended to build a cemetery with more than 1,000 graves. The next design picks up “a family cemetery with ten graves”, as reported by ‘The Washington Post’ in 2017, and the latest redesign foresees 284 graves some of which would go on sale.

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Ivana Trump died last July 14 at her Manhattan home from an accidental fall. She was 73 years old.

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