Trump denies he kept nuclear documents at his mansion during FBI search

Former U.S. President Donald Trump denied Friday that he was keeping classified nuclear documents at his Mar-a-Lago mansion in Florida during the search he was subjected to this week.

“This nuclear weapons thing is a hoax,” Trump has assured in a message published on his Truth Social platform, and in which he describes as “sleazy guys” the federal agents involved in the search.

Trump thus responds to a report by the ‘Washington Post’, published on Thursday, which does not specify details about the content of these alleged documents, nor whether the agency found what it was looking for.

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The ‘Post’ report comes after the Justice Department filed a motion Thursday to request that a Florida court disclose the search warrant executed by the FBI, following Trump’s accusations of alleged persecution by federal agents and the Biden Administration.

“The public’s clear and powerful interest in understanding what happened under these circumstances weighs heavily in favor of disclosure,” the Justice Department has said and ‘The Hill’ has learned.

Supporters and supporters of the former president have called for a series of mobilizations to protest the FBI raid on Trump’s Florida home. The former president has accused federal agents of carrying out a persecution against him.

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