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How much it’s worth to upgrade to Spotify Premium: the difference between paid and free


If we used to listen to music on mp3 players or Winamp, this is arguably the era of Spotify or other niche streamers.

Even so, c all there is competition in the market, when you say “music” you automatically say Spotify. So we’re going to talk about this one today.

In case you didn’t know, Spotify’s free version isn’t really free; it’s ad-supported. Companies pay Spotify to make you listen to ads every few tracks.

However, Spotify earns less money per play from ads than from premium subscribers, so to encourage people to upgrade, the free tier is limited in some ways.

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When you use the desktop or web app with a free account, you can listen to any song, album or playlist at any time, in any order. The only drawback is that every other track, you’ll hear an ad.

Free account users get the same access to Spotify podcasts as Premium subscribers. This includes the ability to download them to listen offline when you don’t have internet.

Why would you still use a Spotify Premium account?

You can listen to any track, album, artist or playlist you like at any time, in any order, with unlimited skip.

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One of the best features of the premium account is that you can download songs for offline listening in both the mobile and desktop apps. This is extremely useful if you want to save mobile data or don’t always have your laptop or phone connected to the internet.

You can also listen to high-quality audio streams. On the free plan, songs are streamed at 96 kbps on your mobile and 160 kbps on your computer, for example. With Premium, you can listen to songs at up to 320 kbps.

Plus, you don’t mind any ads.