Top 200 most influential musicians in the world, cause for internet quarrel: Celine Dion, Madonna, Judy Garland or Cher, eliminated by Rolling Stone magazine

Rolling Stone magazine has published a list of the most influential musicians of all time, and it’s created a lot of argument and discontent among many music lovers around the world.

Missing from this top list were important names who have in one way or another defined music of the past few decades.

Obviously, the absence of singer Celine Dion caused a big scandal, since more or less well-known names were ranked in the top, but she was not.

“A crime against humanity”, “There’s Rosalía and a guy from BTS, but not Céline Dion”, “Her mere absence is enough to discredit the whole ranking”, are some of the messages on social media about the fact that the Canadian-born artist didn’t make the count.

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What’s more, it seems neither Cher or Madonna were included in the rankings, and that’s despite the fact that the two artists have been known worldwide for decades.

Another cause for discontent was marked by Michael Jackson’s demotion to 86th place. The late singer’s fans expressed astonishment that the artist was not included in the top 50, as they say he deserved to be, given the extraordinary contribution he made to music during his time on the international stage.

Judy Garland’s absence was also frowned upon, with music enthusiasts considering this too a cause for outrage.

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By contrast, the top ten in this top ten did not cause controversy, since Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston all appear in the top ten.

Top 20 musicians in the Rolling Stone 200

20. Marvin Gaye

19. Frank Sinatra

18. Celia Cruz

17. Elvis Presley

16. Prince

15. Bob Dylan

14. Freddie Mercury

13. Patsy Cline

12. John Lennon

11. Little Richard

10. Al Green

9. Otis Redding

8. Beyoncé

7. Stevie Wonder

6. Ray Charles

5. Mariah Carey

4. Billie Holiday

3. Sam Cooke

2. Whitney Houston

1. Aretha Franklin

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