Lidl will soon offer 2 very useful products for cleaning cars

Lidl has published some of the offerings it will have in stores next week, and in the car category there are two products that immediately caught our eye.

A Parkside vacuum cleaner with wash function will be available, starting Monday, January 9, for 499 lei. The product can be used to clean car seats and upholstery, but also to wash carpets, sofas or armchairs.

The vacuum cleaner has a spray rate of 1 litre/minute and a 2 metre long suction hose. The water and detergent tank is removable. The power cord from the socket is a generous 7.5 metres long. The machine has 1,600 W of power and a dust and dirt tank with a capacity of 20 litres.

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The Parkside vacuum cleaner will benefit from a 3 year warranty.

For cleaning hard-to-reach areas in cars, such as AC grilles or areas with lots of buttons on dashboards, Ultimate Speed gel will be available at Lidl.


This slime-like compound molds over items (buttons, trim, casters, etc.) and gets into hard-to-reach spaces, and the dust and dirt there adheres to its surface. The gel, which can be reused, will cost 25 lei.


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