Toornament introduces white label solution for creating esports management platforms

The esports tournament management platform. Toornament has announced a new product that builds on the company’s existing technology.

Called simply ‘Platform,’ the new product allows users to create and manage a video game tournament platform.. The product is a private label solutionso it can be adapted to any customer with relative ease.

Toornament is a company specialized in providing tournament organization solutions. The company offers a set of tools for creating online tournaments for any game, as well as tools for creating a website for such tournaments. According to the company, more than 370,000 esports tournaments have been organized with Toornament’s tools..

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The latest offering incorporates the expertise of your existing products and allows for greater customization and an enhanced user experience. Enables the creation of competitive circuits, leagues and rankings with customized branding and visual identity..

The company claims that it is now possible to generate a Complete multi-game platform for e-sports tournaments without the need for coding.. Toornament’s platform allows any interested party to create a new tournament platform from scratch and brand it as they see fit.

The solution guarantees exclusive control of the data generated by tournaments, as well as their complete independence. The ‘Platform’ plan allows project leaders, such as brands, studios, publishers, agencies or institutions, to develop their gaming presence and attract diverse audiences.

Toornament press release

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