Overwatch League’s future hangs in the balance

The future of the Overwatch League remains rather uncertain, especially after GGRecon’s report revealing that. Activision Blizzard is being considering different options with external tournament organizers. for its e-sports competition in 2024.

GGRecon’s sources point to the following. ESL FACEIT Group could be one of the companies with whom the publisher has spoken about the status of its circuit in North America and Europe. In the meantime, a partnership would be discussed with WDG Esports for its Asian operations.according to GGRecon.

All this while significant changes to the Overwatch League are expected at the end of the season, as the 19 franchises have yet to vote on the future of the competition. According to an Activision Blizzard financial document, if the teams do not vote to continue under an ‘updated operating agreement’, Activision Blizzard would be required to pay the organizations a $6 million termination fee, something that organizations such as OverActive Media, for example, have already considered.

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Until now, the Overwatch League has been run by Activision Blizzard itself. However, earlier this year, the publisher laid off up to 50% of the staff working in the management of its franchised competitions, raising even more doubts about the future of the league.

Due to the uncertainty surrounding the outcome of the aforementioned vote, GGRecon reported that multiple solutions are being discussed with tournament organizers, planning different scenarios both in case the vote passes or fails. The publication also noted that it is currently unknown to what extent ESL FACEIT Group will participate in the Overwatch League should the partnership come to fruition, such as whether it would be under a white label or how.

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ESL FACEIT Group is no stranger to Overwatch, with the company hosting several community competitions ahead of the Overwatch League’s first season in 2018.

The Overwatch League will conclude its 2023 season later this year in Toronto, Canada, at the Mattamy Athletic Centre. Hosted by the Toronto Defiant franchise of the Overwatch League, the eventual champions will take home $1 million.

Given recent information, this could be the final season of the Overwatch League, and another GGRecon source noted that at least two-thirds of current franchise owners would have to agree on the continuation of the league for it to remain in 2024.

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