Tom Cruise could be the first civilian to go into space during ISS filming

The film industry is about to start filming in space more often than it used to. Already a Russian civilian crew has been filming sequences in space since last year, and Tom Cruise is soon to film new sequences for a Hollywood movie on the International Space Station. But it seems the American actor still wants to push the boundaries of stunt work even at the age of 60, as he is set to be the first civilian to do a space walk, or to step outside a capsule or orbital station.

Actor Tom Cruise will film scenes in space for a movie outside the International Space Station

According to Donna Langley, president of Universal Filmed Entertainment Group, Tom Cruise is to film sequences in space outside the International Space Station, not just inside it. The action of the film in which the actor stars will take place on the ISS, and the desire to film aboard the station was to ensure the realism of the filmed sequences. Until now all films have used practical or digital special effects to simulate micro-gravity, but now everything will be 100% real.

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NASA officials seem to be happy to work with Tom Cruise to make this film:

“NASA agency excited to work with Tom Cruise on film aboard Space Station”, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said on his Twitter account.

Even Elon Musk could be involved in the making of this film, with SpaceX rockets and the Crew Dragon capsule being used to transport Tom Cruise and the rest of the film crew aboard the Space Station. Musk responded to Bridenstine’s tweet with a short message saying “Should be a lot of fun.”

Despite Musk often talking about space travel and colonies on other planets, he has never traveled to space aboard his rockets before. In comparison, on the first commercial flight of Blue Origin, the Amazon founder’s rival company, Jeff Bezos himself was aboard the capsule, along with his brother.

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