Samsung launches more affordable OLED TVs

Samsung is trying to corner even more of the OLED TV market by shipping a simplified version of its QD-OLED technology.

Although LCD TVs have reached near derisory prices, OLED TVs haven’t gotten that cheap yet, with consumers looking to trade in their old LCD model being deterred by the considerable financial effort. Clearly, any manufacturer that manages to close the ‘gap’ between the price of LCD and OLED TVs will have a lot to gain.

Although the marketing effort is focused more on the “2023” version of the S95C range of TVs, 30% brighter than last year’s S95B series, Samsung has also included the cheaper S90C series (55, 65 and 77-inch diagonals at prices starting at $1899), trying to attract buyers from QLED TV owners (more affordable, but still impressive performance).

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The next step is a response to rival LG, which already competes in an attractive price range, using C2 and C3 series OLED TVs (diagonals between 42 and 83 inches). And to achieve this goal, Samsung could deliver a simplified version of its QD-OLED technology, while retaining the strengths of 144Hz refresh rate and AI-assisted image processing. So the new Samsung S95C TVs are only slightly more expensive than those already shipped by LG, but make up for it with a more competitive level of performance. At the moment, the most affordable S95C (55-inch diagonal) is priced at $2499, $600 more than the similarly diagonal LC C2 alternative.

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