Tinder announces a $500-a-month “rich person” membership

Tinder is already one of the most successful mobile apps, managing to rake in huge sums annually based on its subscriptions that put paying users ahead of those who use the dating service for free. However, there seems to be an opportunity to significantly increase the price, thus creating an exclusive area within the app, via the new Tinder Vault. The new subscription will cost $500 a month and will offer perks far above the current subscriptions, which stop at $30.

Tinder thinks there’s a market for a dating service for people willing to spend $500 a month for such services

For $500 a month, a Tinder Vault subscriber could access capabilities that didn’t previously exist on the dating platform. We’re talking “special status” within the app, but also priority access in searches, pushing higher-paying profiles to the forefront when someone is looking to meet new people. What’s more, it will include a 24-hour concierge service, which appears to be a sort of “pick up artist” on demand. Last but not least, a “premium passport”, would give payers access to the most active and influential people on the platform.

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Basically, this premium passport creates a sort of “Tinder for the rich,” where only people who can afford to pay the $500 a month (or $5,000 in a single annual payment) can meet and chat via the platform.

Tinder Vault

All these functions are written “in pencil”, however. Although Tinder has confirmed that they are working on Tinder Vault and are about to launch an expensive subscription, all of these capabilities are not yet finalized or promised to be included in the new subscription. Besides, the name isn’t final either. Vault in English means “treasure chest” in English, which suggests that it is a closed space where “riches” are kept. Perhaps the term isn’t exactly appropriate to market in a way that doesn’t make it seem like the rich are trying to separate themselves from the “poor” on the dating platform, but it seems to perfectly describe what will happen once the service goes live.

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