Our Party Game Changers is back

Our Party appeared to give the opportunity to all VALORANT players. to compete. The last edition was joined by League of Legends and a new VALORANT tournament exclusively for women. After great weeks of competition we were able to experience the Grand Final in person at Gamergy.

In this case, we bet on a tournament designed to demonstrate the. great talent of the girls at the national level. and reach the top of the competitive structure in EMEA. In addition, the experience of a tournament organized just for them is provided.

Chance to win a place in VCT: Game Changers Contenders.

Yesterday, April 5, the open qualifier began for the. VCT: Game Changers EMEA. Our Party Game Changers arrives as the national opportunity to bring regional female talent to the VCT: Game Changers Contenders.

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After obtaining al best team of Our Party Game Changersthese players will receive a direct invitation in the VCT closed tournament: Game Changers Contenders. This tournament will be the new gateway to VALORANT’s top international women’s division in EMEA.

Important dates

The competition is just around the corner and will be divided as follows:

  • Qualifiers – Saturday, April 29 and Sunday, April 30.. The registered teams will face each other in BO1 bracket format in each of the qualifiers until the 8 teams qualified to the Group Stage (4 per qualifier).
  • Group Stage – Saturday May 6th and Sunday May 7th.. 8 teams will face BO1 until the top 2 teams from each group are selected. These will advance to the next phase.
  • Final Phase – Thursday, May 11 and Sunday, May 14. The four teams qualified teams will face each other in a BO3 by bracket to determine the team that will earn that spot in VALORANT Game Changers Contenders.
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The qualifying and group stages of this competition will be broadcast by. fancasts. If you are interested and want to be one of the voices of the tournament of VALORANTdo not hesitate and apply for it in the following link link.

Registration for the Our Party Game Changers

In order to participate in the competition, you simply need to register or log in to the page. web add your IGN, make sure you are part of a team and register for the tournament, here.

This new edition is made possible by the support of Riot Gamesby Red Bull from Intel y Omenby PcComponentsfrom Samsung SSDand from Chocomel.

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