Samsung to deliver Galaxy S23 charging bypass to other models in the range

Very useful for Android gaming enthusiasts, the charging bypass feature allows you to temporarily disconnect the battery and use Samsung phones powered exclusively by USB-C cable.

Already, Samsung users can charge their phone’s battery to the optimal 85% level by checking the Protect Battery setting), after which the phone still connected to the USB-C cable will continue to run exclusively on AC adapter power, avoiding overcharging or draining the battery. So if you use your Samsung phone for activities that don’t involve leaving your fixed location (e.g. desk, bed), your phone’s battery life becomes virtually unlimited with zero adverse effects on battery longevity. Taking things even further, Samsung adds a setting that allows you to temporarily suspend battery charging regardless of the measured level, i.e. switch your phone to AC adapter-only power.

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First introduced on Galaxy S23 phones, the charging bypass feature is about to be added to other Samsung devices in the Galaxy family as a method for protecting the battery in heavy usage scenarios. The new setting appears as Pause USB Power Delivery and is added in the updated version of the Game Booster app. Once checked, the setting allows power to be redirected directly to the AC Adapter, suspending battery charging at times when the phone is prone to overheating by running demanding applications.

The result is both protection of the battery against overheating and better preservation of gaming performance (by eliminating a potential heat source).

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Already confirmed on the Galaxy A73 5G Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 4 series phones, the new functionality looks set to arrive on Samsung’s mid-range phones.

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