TikTok launches SoundOn, a new music distribution platform

After proving to be a real force in the field of Social Media, TikTok wants to apply the same strategy in the field of music. TikTok has announced SondOn, a new “all-in-one” platform for music creators, which will be responsible for promoting and distributing the artists who will join it. SoundOn users will be able to publish music directly to TikTok, where it can be used as a background in user clips, or to publish it to Apple Music, Deezer, Joox, Pandora or Spotify.

SoundOn will help artists make more money from their music by distributing on various platforms

Basically, SoundOn is a platform that artists can use, not users. Freelance music creators may have the most to gain, as they will be able to distribute their music on many international channels without resorting to a record label that will keep most of the proceeds from selling albums or streaming.

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TikTok says that artists will receive 100% of the proceeds generated through SoundOn in the first year, after which they will charge a commission of only 10%. Thus, this is a better offer than the alternatives, being rather similar to the commissions of an impresario. Moreover, on In-Bytedance platforms (the company that owns TikTok), artists will receive all the proceeds from listening to their songs. One of these platforms is Resso, the music service “twinned” with TikTok.

The SoundOn platform also provides artists with a lot of information about their music on the platform, as well as support from specialists who can guide them to new promotion opportunities.

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SoundOn is probably just a first step in securing access to as large a selection of music as possible for the Resso platform and for use within TikTok. Over time, the fact that artists can earn more money through In-Bytedance platforms could attract exclusivity from artists for these platforms, which over time could mean more users on them and a potential threat to Spotify or Apple Music. , who now lead the market.

source: TikTok

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