Discord account blocked? The popular messenger is currently experiencing a widespread disruption

Discord is currently having server problems.  (Discord)

Discord is currently having server problems. (Discord)

Update September 29, 2023 3:20 p.m.: Discord has identified the issue and is working on a solution.

In the last few hours, numerous Discord users worldwide have received an unexpected and worrying notification: their accounts appear to be blocked.

These alarm bells were raised by a widespread disruption in the popular messaging service that has left many users confused and worried.

But the good news is: This is a widespread problem that cannot be attributed to individual violations.

Cloudflare seems to be the problem

Reports of confused and worried users are increasing on various online platforms. Many of these users claim that they have not committed any violations and still face reports that they have been blocked.

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Discord quickly spoke out and confirmed that this is a system-wide issue that they are already actively addressing.

This means that those affected by this glitch have not violated Discord’s Terms of Service.

It appears that the outage is related to Cloudflare, which is currently experiencing issues with its dashboard and API service and is performing scheduled maintenance on its data center in Doha.

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A restart helps in the short term: In many cases, it has already been found that simply restarting the Discord app can temporarily solve the problem.

Currently the problem seems to be largely related to the desktop version. The smartphone app seems to have fewer to no problems.

However, it is recommended to pay attention to official communications from Discord and be patient. You can view the current status of Discord here at discordstatus.com.

We will continue to monitor this situation and keep you updated on any developments.

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