TikTok introduces clear mode, the setting that provides “supreme” dependency

From now on, you will be able to watch videos on TikTok without any other fun, with a single setting removing all permanently displayed buttons from the image.

Normally, when you see something on TikTok, that clip also has some buttons relevant to socializing features, such as Like and access to the comments section. But by checking clear mode you will be able to focus exclusively on the continuous viewing of videos, until exhaustion.

In short, the setting is meant to strengthen the addiction of “the most devoted” users, ensuring that they can pursue their passion without any other fun.

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The list of hidden details also includes key issues, such as the name of the TikTok profile followed and their interactions, such as likes and comments received. Ideally, truly devoted fans should leave the immersive viewing experience on their own initiative, giving due appreciation to their favorite TikTok stars.

For now, it seems that the Clear Mode option is only tested with a small group of users, selected from certain regions of the world. For them, the Clear Mode option appears right behind the Add to Favorites button, so TikTok administrators ensure that the setting cannot be ignored, not even by mistake.

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Practically, inviting controversy, the new TikTok experience would need exceptional results to pass the testing phase, the viewing mode defying most of the principles according to which social networks work, blocking basic functions such as giving likes and subscribing to that star , promoting only as much viewing time as possible on the TikTok network.

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