TikTok copies the features of the BeReal network with the new TikTok Now

Generally Meta is the company in social media that quickly clones the features of competitors in the market, but TikTok has managed to do the same faster. While Instagram is preparing BeReal-like features where users have a limited time to post what they’re doing the moment they receive a notification, TikTok has just introduced the “TikTok Now” feature that does just that. It looks like the idea behind BeReal, however, has been adapted for video-focused content on the Chinese network.

After Instagram, TikTok Now copies BeReal

According to the official press release, TikTok Now will allow users to post photos or videos every day at a specific time. The notification will come in the app and you’ll then be able to take clips of up to 10 seconds or photos with both the main and front-facing cameras simultaneously to show what you’re doing at the time.

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In this way, TikTok hopes to improve connections between users, as often the experience of using the network is more about discovering new content from strangers than from people you know.

The company announces that it will begin testing TikTok Now in the next few weeks, and the feature will be available from both the main app and a new app dedicated to the Now capability.

This strategy isn’t much different than Instagram’s approach before, as Instagram TV (IGTV) and Boomerang, were both standalone apps before they were shut down and then integrated into the main app. Incidentally, Instagram TV doesn’t even exist anymore, it has been turned into Reels, the video feature that copies TikTok’s For You stream.

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