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With a 3D printer you can not only implement creative ideas, but also make small parts and spare parts for everyday use. If you’ve always been bothered by the design of an object, you can probably just print out the solution.

The AnkerMake M5 offers a bunch of practical special functions that allow beginners to get started with the topic without frustration. The device is available on Amazon just €150 cheaper and if you order now, it will even be delivered on timeto lie under your Christmas tree.

Get one of the best 3D printers for beginners on sale on Amazon

Fast printing means more prototypes

Are you looking for a 3D printer that not only implements your projects precisely, but also in record time? The AnkerMake M5 offers one high speed of 500mm/s. Compared to its predecessor, the printer increases power output by 30%. This means that the M5’s print speed and acceleration have been significantly improved without compromising print quality.

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Precision in a nutshell

With a precision of 0.1mm, the AnkerMake M5 sets new standards in terms of print quality. This is achieved through an ultra-direct extruder and an aluminum reinforced structure. Even at high printing speeds you have to no compromises on quality your models. This means you can revise your projects after a short time and create new iterations.

Intelligent error detection for hassle-free printing

The AnkerMake M5 goes one step further to ensure your prints are error-free. With a built-in camera and an advanced printing plan the M5 monitors the printing progressto ensure that your model corresponds exactly to your design ideas.

Smart error detection not only saves time, but also material costs. Real-time notifications keep you up to date and automatically stop printing as soon as errors such as non-sticking, spaghetti chaos or material jams are detected.

Stability thanks to die-cast aluminum alloy

The integrated die-cast aluminum alloy structure and intelligent Z-axis design of the AnkerMake M5 increase the weight of the base and reduce the center of gravity of the machine. This thoughtful design makes printing more stable, especially at high speeds. At the same time, it reduces installation errors and improves printing accuracy for outstanding results.

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Remote control from anywhere

One of the most impressive features of the AnkerMake M5 is the ability to Manage your prints from anywhere. Whether you want to pause your tasks, change settings or just track the progress of your prints – the AnkerMake app, the slicer software on the PC or even Alexa make this possible. Remote control across multiple devices gives you the freedom to implement your creative ideas without restrictions.

Accuracy through 7×7 auto-leveling

Precision is the key to successful 3D printing, and the AnkerMake M5 makes no compromises here. The automatic 7×7 leveling ensures the necessary accuracy. Advanced algorithms calculate a virtual height map to start printing correctly. This makes every printing process a smooth and successful experience.

Get one of the best 3D printers for beginners on sale on Amazon

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