Three killed in new massacre in Cauca, Colombia

Three people have been killed in a new massacre perpetrated in the Colombian department of Cauca, specifically in the rural area of Santander de Quilichao when the victims were attacked while traveling in a vehicle.

The attack occurred in the early hours of Saturday morning in the sector of San José, at the exit to the village of Timba, when armed men blocked the victims’ vehicle and, without a word, opened fire, reports the newspaper ‘El Tiempo’.

One of the victims was found lifeless inside the vehicle and another a few meters away, which would indicate that she was killed as they were trying to flee.

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According to witnesses, the third victim was also outside the vehicle and still had vital signs, but died while being treated at a medical center.

According to the Instituto de Estudios para el Desarrollo y la Paz (Indepaz) with this fact there are already 73 massacres registered in the country so far this year, twelve of which correspond to Cauca.

In this same municipality, last July 10, three people were murdered and two others were wounded in the sector of El Palmar.
Two of the victims were members of indigenous communities.

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