Argentina’s Chamber of Deputies unanimously condemns attack on Cristina Fernandez

The Argentine Chamber of Deputies has unanimously approved this Saturday a text condemning the attempted assassination of Argentine Vice President Cristina Fernandez, although the opposition has criticized the ruling party for what it considers a lack of dialogue to the point that Propuesta Republicana (Pro), has even absented itself from the session.

The text includes “the most energetic condemnation and repudiation of the assassination attempt” against the vice-president and demands the “prompt and complete” clarification of the fact and the condemnation of those responsible.

However, the 50 Pro deputies have withdrawn after the vote. Other parties of the opposition coalition Juntos por el Cambio (Together for Change) have remained in the chamber. For Pro, “neither the street nor the precinct is the place to determine who is guilty of a crime”.

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Meanwhile, the Left Front has abstained from voting the text for not agreeing with the changes introduced at the last moment, reports the official Argentine news agency, Télam.

In the speeches, the former presidential candidate Javier Milei, ascribed to Libertad Avanza, has minimized the attack, a “criminal” and “police fact”. Until the vote, Milei had not condemned the attack.

“Politics used in a miserable way a criminal fact to make a political gain (…). It was Dantesque to declare a holiday” last Friday to facilitate protests against the thwarted attack, according to Milei.

From the ruling party, the deputy of Frente de Todos Mónica Macha has reproached the opposition that “they have used arguments to justify the attack on Cristina that keep the same logic of those who justify violence against women”.

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