Thousands of Argentines demonstrate against inflation in Argentina

Thousands of Argentines have demonstrated this Thursday in Buenos Aires against inflation, poverty and unemployment, and have demanded the Executive to increase aid so that citizens with fewer resources can cope with rising prices.

Social organizations have carried out a massive mobilization in the Plaza de Mayo in the capital to demand the delivery of a bond of 148 euros per person and the expansion of social plans, as reported by ‘Página 12’.

Likewise, they have requested to be received by the Minister of Economy of Argentina, Silvina Batakis, a request that has been rejected by the head of the Economy portfolio, as explained by the trade union organization Polo Obrero to the aforementioned media.

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“There is no work, you go out to look and there is none. The truth is that I would like to have a white job, a living wage because it is not enough”, said a demonstrator to the Argentinean network TN.

For his part, the deputy and leader of the Corriente Clasista y Combativa (CCC), Juan Carlos Alderete has demanded a price freeze and the application of the law of shortage against inflation, in declarations to the TN channel.

Argentina’s National Institute of Statistics and Census has notified this Thursday that in the first half of the year, inflation has reached the levels expected by the end of 2022.

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The Argentine Chamber of Deputies approved in March the agreement negotiated by the Government with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to reschedule the approximately 44 billion euros of debt despite protests from leftist organizations opposed to the pact for the refinancing of the debt contracted in 2018 by former President Mauricio Macri.

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