House of the Dragon stakes its claim on the story of King Jaehaerys: what the new Game of Thrones prequel brings

Confirmation that there will be a Grand Council will automatically mean that House of the Dragon is about to introduce you to the most important Targaryen king Westeros has ever known.

House of the Dragon has revealed that it will include a flashback to the Grand Council, which would bring together the many houses of Westeros to choose the heir to the Iron Throne. There is a possibility that this event will be shown briefly to better understand the plight of Viserys I Targaryen, whose death kicks off Dance of the Dragon.

Fire & Blood, effectively the book that tells the story of the Targaryan family and inspired the new series, pretty much documents the kings. The same can be said of Game of Thrones, which told the story of many kings and queens who ruled Westeros, but didn’t necessarily include “epic” rulers.

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House of the Dragon introduces you to the most important Targaryen king of all time

The Targaryen kings and queens prominently featured in House of the Dragon are equally hated and/or adored by the people of Westeros, but none measure up to the most important king Westeros has ever had – Jaehaerys I Targaryen.

While the death of King Viserys in House of the Dragon will split the realm in two, as the houses support either his daughter Rhaenyra or his son. Aegon II, the death of King Jaehaerys I is the starting point of the prequel, it seems.

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The Great Council of 101 AD will take place two years before Jaehaerys dies of old age, with the participants making the decision to make Viserys I king in his place.

After ascending the throne at just 14, Jaehaerys is described as a Targaryen who was born to be king. A wise, compassionate, trusting and kind man, Jaehaerys reigns from the ominous Iron Throne for 55 years, certainly longer than any other Targaryen.

It seems that Jaehaerys I was a king who sought peace and justice, loved his people, and brought unusual stability to the realm throughout his reign, though he was clearly not a perfect king.

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