China condemns U.S. “provocation” of sending two warships to Taiwan Strait

China’s Foreign Ministry on Monday condemned the “provocation” of the United States sending two warships to the Taiwan Strait, a maneuver, it said, that seeks to “sabotage peace and stability in the region.”

Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian has asked the United States at a press conference to limit itself to respecting the ‘one China’ policy, whose only legitimate government is that of Beijing.

This Sunday two U.S. Navy warships have sailed through the Taiwan Strait, provoking criticism from China, which in recent weeks has also rejected the now recurrent official visits of U.S. congressmen to an island it considers its own.

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Among them was the much commented one of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, responded from China with the launching for four days of a series of military exercises, which included the launching of ballistic missiles, in six areas surrounding the island.

Shortly after this shipping operation became known, Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense confirmed a new approach of Chinese Army warships and fighter jets to its maritime and air security zone, as has become customary in recent months.

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