The news of the day from Dacia, the biggest reason for joy for the giant from Mioveni

Dacia officials have not enjoyed much good news lately, but it seems that there are exceptions. In the middle of this week, the company recorded a performance that it can be proud of and, finally, it is a subject of pride for Romanians.

No less than 10,000,000 Dacia cars have been built so far under the Mioveni brand. The performance was achieved on Wednesday, April 20, 2022, and the anniversary vehicle was a Duster SL Extreme, urban gray. However, the anniversary vehicle is not for sale, but came out of the assembly line of the Mioveni Vehicle Plant and will join the Dacia collection of historical models.

Dacia, a long history

The first Dacia car came out on the doorstep of the Mioveni factory on August 20, 1969. Since then, we have been talking about a collaboration with Renault, which began in 1966. Under a license, the first Dacia car was actually a Renault 8 made under license. It was called the Dacia 1100. In 1969, under license from Renault 12, it went into production at the same classic Dacia 1300 factory. It remained in production for no less than 35 years and gave birth to a whole family of cars, from station wagon to sports and utilities.

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Only Dacia Nova was developed and designed entirely in Romania. Launched in 1995, this was in fact the first Romanian Dacia. The Renault Group took over the Mioveni plant in 1999 and wrote a new page in the history of the local brand. Under the new leadership, Dacia Logan was launched in 2004 and transformed the company into an international manufacturer.

However, returning to the record of 10,000,000 detailed above, it was preceded by 5 million in 2014, 2 million in 1998 and one million in 1985. As a relevant detail, at the moment, Dacia is no longer produced only in Mioveni. , but also in Casablanca (Morocco), since 2005, in Tangier (Morocco), since 2012, Oran (Algeria) since 2016. Last but not least, since 2020, Dacia is also being built in Shyian, China. That’s where the electric model, the Dacia Spring, comes in.

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