There is hope for those who are fed up with the constant charging

The upcoming Apple Watch could make a leap in performance.  (Image: Series 5)

The upcoming Apple Watch could make a leap in performance. (Image: Series 5)

It will probably be that time again in September 2023: Apple’s keynote is coming up. There is a high probability that new models of the Apple Watch Ultra, the Series 9, will be part of the party.

According to Mark Gurman, the smart watch will get a new processor. This has not been updated by Apple since the Series 6. What are the advantages?

Apple Watch Series 9 with revised A15 chip

As MacRumors reports, the information was shared by Mark Gurman on his Discord channel. Accordingly, the Apple expert confirmed that the new processor should be a revised A15 chip.

So there will be no rebranding, as was the case with the S8 chip. A new processor offers two essential advantages:

  • Performance: The watch is getting a performance boost, possibly in preparation for the upcoming watchOS 10 update.
  • battery life: Due to the chip, the upcoming watch will probably benefit from a better battery life. Aside from the Watch Ultra, the community would like improvements in this area.
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According to previous rumors, Apple is also working on a major overhaul of watchOS. Accordingly, widgets are to be integrated back into the operating system of the clock.

The Series 3 already had a similar type of widget, which was removed in a later update.

While the operating system of the Apple Watch is being drilled out, no serious changes are expected on the outside of the watch this year. According to previous indications, it will be very similar to the current Series 8.

On Reddit, the users are very positive. One user describes such an upgrade as the most important improvement Apple could introduce:

In English: »The most important improvement will (theoretically) be the improved efficiency of the batteries.«

Another user has a similar opinion:

I just want a better battery.

In English: »I just want a better battery«

So far, the battery life of Apple Smartwatches is still limited and the watch has to be plugged in again after about a day. The only exception here is the Watch Ultra, which lasts for several days depending on usage.

What about with you? What improvements to the Apple Watch should the Cupertino manufacturer urgently integrate? Are you satisfied with the current battery life of the smartwatch, or rather less? What new watchOS 10 features are you most excited about? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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