Apple removes Bitcoin white paper from latest macOS release

Tim Cook, Apple CEO – Credit: Shutterstock

The white paper from Bitcoin does not appear in the latest beta version from Ventura. At the beginning of April, the discovery of the document on macOS had much questioned the crypto community.

While the white paper written by Satoshi Nakamoto was, for several years, in all the MacOS operating systems – Mojave (10.14.0) to Ventura (13.3) -, Apple has finally removed the file from the latest beta version of Venturareports 9to5Mac.

The discoverywhich had actually been made at the end of 2020 but which had been little publicized at the time, made the buzz at the beginning of April on social networks and in particular in the crypto community.

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In view of the racket around this story, it is not surprising thatApplewhich never communicated on the subject, took the decision to to delete the file from its operating system.

For the experts of the apple brand, the white paper Bitcoin was never intended to be found by ordinary users. It is therefore likely that Apple engineers simply did not choose to remove the file because it did not include any sensitive information.

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