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This is how you understand the quality of car services in Romania: fines of over one million lei


“The Romanian Car Registry is keeping an eye on those who carry out car repair activities, but they do it outside the law and in conditions that cannot guarantee the safety of repair works. Nearly 1,000 repair shops across the country have been inspected by RAR inspectors over the past three months as part of complex actions. The sanctions exceeded one million lei “, RAR officials announce.

If you choose to repair your car on a “cheap and fast” basis in a makeshift unit, keep in mind that you will not be able to check the quality of the repairs made, but your chances of being able to amicably resolve any inconvenience caused by poor quality of the works “, mentions RAR.

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Authorized repair shops

The Romanian Auto Registry notes that its checks have the role of establishing a state of normalcy and legality in the field of services offered to vehicle owners and to encourage the legalization of those who carry out unauthorized repair activities.

“Avoid following a friend’s advice when you want to repair your car. Make sure the service is authorized first. Otherwise, you risk receiving a pseudo-repair that could be a real danger to your traffic safety. The interventions in the car’s security systems are complex and necessarily require approved parts and components “, said Mihai Dogărescu, head of the Market Surveillance department of RAR.

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The Romanian Car Registry recommends that the purchases of car components from the online environment be made from reliable sources, and that the parts be approved. The seller must provide a guarantee for the products sold. According to European regulations, if the parts do not fit, the buyer has the right to return them, obviously without any signs of wear.

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