The house in Romania that set the internet ablaze. It’s the most beautiful building in Bucharest, but there’s no

Technology has succeeded in giving birth to the house in Romania that has taken the internet by storm. Despite being truly a work of art, this house doesn’t exist, being the creation of artificial intelligence.

The evolution of technology continues by leaps and bounds, and artificial intelligence manages to gain major ground in the present. If a few weeks ago, the trend was to let artificial intelligence reinterpret our portraits, now a new trend is taking place, only this time in architecture.

While some believe that these images are as real as it gets, so we can conclude that artificial intelligence is doing its job better and better, others are using it to carry out some digital project.

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An image of a building whose architecture is quite impressive has managed to be reposted tens of thousands of times on Twitter. The house looks like something out of a fairytale in Bucharest, but in reality it doesn’t exist and chances are it never will.

The ‘Romanian’ house that took the internet by storm

It wasn’t long before the whole truth came out, and the person who processed the image using a program based on artificial intelligence algorithms was found. This is a photographer who posted several images on Instagram that were generated by the computer.

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The architecture showcasing the Art Nouveau style managed to attract tens of thousands of likes and shares. However, no one knows how this house managed to be mistaken and compared to one of the buildings in Bucharest. This has managed to bring back into discussion the danger of replacing reality with artificial intelligence.

Nowadays the famous ChatGPT is the one used in a lot of fields which is a real help for both students and professionals only, there is talk about regulating this field. An official reaction from a European Commissioner shows that concrete rules are needed for this new technology.

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