This camping light is an outdoor all-rounder, but who needs that?


Adventure-ready 750-lumen camping light made of impact-resistant materials TikTok-Inhalt

What can the lamp be used for?

With the wings opened at an angle of 90 degrees, it is possible, for example, to hang the lamp on the tent ceiling using the built-in bracket. That’s how it will be Lamp as a ceiling light for outdoor use applicable.

The Klarus CL2 can also be used as a standard flashlight. As the? An additional LED is installed on the underside of the device, with the help of which the Klarus like an ordinary dog ​​flashlight leaves.

If you want to use the light in an unconventional way, you can as a table lamp on the desk set up. Whether the Klarus CL2 as Indoor lamp for everyday use meets your aesthetic requirements, you have to decide for yourself.

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Other conceivable scenarios for use the Klarus CL2 are: the caravan, the roof tent – or as an emergency flashlight that is always ready to hand.

What else can the flashlight do?

According to the manufacturer, the Klarus can, even at the highest performance level, over four and a half hours of continuous use hump.

Another built-in function that makes our flashlight heart light up: the Klarus proves to be Power bank their versatility. In other words: if you camp at the Zugspitze for the first time, you can charge your mobile device with it, for example.

In addition, the manufacturer advertises that the part is wind and weatherproof – which we definitely assume for an all-purpose flashlight declared as an outdoor gadget. This also vouches for outdoor suitability Marking with IPX 5. IP stands for International Protection; IPX 5 means that the device is protected against stubborn dust and rough touch.

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What do you get for your money?

In addition to the Klarus CL 2 itself, the scope of delivery also includes a storage pouch, a USB-C charging cable, and a CL adapter contain.

If you’re hooked on this flashlight, you shouldn’t use the MS18 from Imlanet miss – a flashlight that has an unbeatable radiance of 100,000 lumens up its sleeve.

What do you think of the Klarus CL 2 as a cult multifunction lamp? Will you take the device with you up the mountain – or are you already desperate to change a lightbulb? Or do you think that lamps and light in general are overrated, which is why you live in a darkened bower with no light? No matter how you feel about the political issue of light: Discuss it in our comments!

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