Android will allow the “archiving” of rarely used applications as an alternative to permanent uninstallation

Google is preparing a new feature for Android devices, assisting “on-demand” or automatic archiving of rarely used applications.

The applications thus archived will take up up to 60% less storage space, and can be restored in a few seconds if you need them again. Another advantage is that custom settings are not lost, such as when uninstalling and reinstalling the application manually.

The archiving option was made possible by the introduction of a new type of APK, making it easier to “break” applications into smaller packages, separating the elements that provide essential functionality (eg receiving notifications, displaying the interface) from more advanced or simply rarely used features. . The technology, which is primarily intended to reduce the amount of data downloaded and update times, will soon be able to effectively reduce the size of installed applications by repackaging them in locally created APKs, including custom user settings.

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Before the official debut, probably with the next major Android overhaul, the functionality will first be offered for testing to Android developers, part of version 1.10 of the Bundletool utility.

Apparently, not all Android apps will support archiving, so developers may simply opt against archived APK support. In such cases, rarely used applications will simply display the “Uninstall” option to use in case the user no longer finds them useful.

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