Polygon ID self-sovereign identity solution makes its debut

Polygon launched several tools via its open source infrastructure Polygon ID which allows developers to set up autonomous identity solutions.

Wednesday, Polygon IDa “self-sovereign identity solution” powered by technology zero-knowledge proofannounced the launch of 4 tools with: Verifier SDK, Issuer Node, Wallet SDK and Wallet App.

Announced in summer 2022, Polygon ID allows developers to create autonomous, decentralized and private identity solutions.

For companies that use Polygon ID, it can mean the end of the headaches of managing user data. For individuals, it means more control over their own identity and greater discretion,” says layer2.

According to a blog post, Polygon ID offers for example the possibility for a user to prove that he is of age without having to disclose personal information.

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“The simplest example of a verifier is a bar that wants to check if you are over 18. In the real world, the ID holder would have to provide ID and display all their personal information. With Polygon ID, they just have to pass a proof,” the documentation reads.

Last month, Polygon Labs announced that the mainnet beta version of its layer2 zkEVM would be released at the end of March. The company behind the popular Layer2 has recently cut its staff.

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