This British city is being overtaken by AR art –

Sheffield, a city in the United Kingdom, has implemented a new amount of augmented reality art in the city center. Titled Look Up, the art includes QR codes scattered around the city, encouraging people to look up at the buildings around them and see interesting art.

The art can include anything from some strange multicolored creatures looking back at you to a giant cat, and it has been viewed by thousands of people since the QR codes were first placed along the streets.

This is all part of an effort to bring the spirit back to Sheffield, something that hasn’t been felt since the pandemic, according to mark Mobbs, the city’s place brand and marketing manager.

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Sheffield worked especially well for the Look Up project because it is located in a hilly area of the United Kingdom, meaning people can easily see the roofs of the buildings around them. Mobbs also believed that when art is placed on a roof, ” the sky is your canvas”.

Thanks, Wired.

This British city is being overtaken by AR art

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