These articles on GameStar Tech were the most read in 2023

We take a (tongue in cheek) look back at the articles you read most.

We take a (tongue in cheek) look back at the articles you read most.

It’s that time of year between Christmas and New Year’s Eve: The Christmas goose has been digested, the ingredients for the raclette on New Year’s Eve have already been bought and everyone is reflecting on the year again – that’s where we join in.

We look back at the hundreds of articles that our team has published on GameStar Tech over the past twelve months and present you the top 10 most read in ascending order.

So on the one hand you have something to browse, learn something new or – small spoiler – come across a strange story that might make you smile.

Ultimately, that’s what we get up for every morning at GameStar Tech: to inform you about the most exciting products from the tech world, to help you get the most out of your gadgets and to look outside the box at these topics every now and then , which we believe will also interest tech-savvy users.

Another small note: In addition to you as loyal regular readers, most users now find us via external platforms such as Google and Google Discover. This explains why some content is in greater demand than some gaming hardware items.

But enough of the preamble, have fun browsing.

10. Two jobs, more pay, but work less

A 22-year-old knows the Easy Money hack: He works as a software engineer in two full-time jobs and earns a whopping $144,000 a year.

However, no trace of revision. From his home office, the man masters both jobs with maximum efficiency.

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We’ve broken down the five strategies he uses in the article, which shouldn’t take up 40 hours a week.

9. The whole world of films for 20 euros a year – here’s how it works

Our author Patrick Poti likes to go to the library – but not to read books. He rents DVDs and Blu-rays there.

He can only hold his stomach laughing about the monthly costs for streaming services, because his ID card only costs 20 euros a year.

Of course, nostalgia also plays a role. He still treasures his beloved silver disc, now that the age of digital content has long since dawned – a topic that has occupied us here and there.

8. Turn the TV socket into an Ethernet network (guaranteed without magic)

How? What? Turn coaxial into high-speed internet? How many lambs do you have to sacrifice for this or does fairy dust end up on the servers?

Don’t worry, it’s not magic. With coaxial Ethernet adapters you can turn the old, unused TV socket in the bedroom into a network and provide fast internet throughout the house.

But be careful not to create a hindrance to your own return path.

7. Wealth sometimes falls from the sky

More stone than appearance: A man uses a 10-pound lump as a stopper for his (probably very large) door.

Now it turns out that this lump of iron and nickel is a meteorite – and worth a fortune.

Well, sometimes there is money in front of the (very large) door.

6. Big numbers make you happy

How to get to the sixth most read article position? By doing his homework, writing a lineup with 85 GPUs and continually expanding it.

This is not about money-saving tricks or valuable stones, but graphics cards. So that you don’t lose track, we update this article again and again. So it could well be that you will find him in the top 10 of 2024.

5. An Apple a day …

At GameStar Tech you will always find a collection article for important products, but none was clicked on by far as often as the one for the iPhone 15.

You can think whatever you want about Applebut Cupertino stirs up a lot of interest year after year, whether you like the company or not.

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In any case, you have always come to us for information about the new iPhone and we thank you for your loyalty!

4. Shared suffering brings us together

According to Dante’s Divine Comedy, there are nine circles of hell and attic apartments in midsummer is one of them.

Our author Nicolas knows a thing or two about it and has therefore tried out all sorts of tricks and techniques by the sweat of his brow, which he shares with you.

The most effective method does not require electricity.

Oh yes: around 33 percent more readers clicked on this article than our graphics card comparison. Sweat probably brings us together.

3. Restore closed tabs (not guaranteed to be magic, but feels like it)

Hand on heart: When we learn a keyboard shortcut, it feels really good. You can really feel your brain growing. And author Alana has one up her sleeve that saves us a lot of clicks.

Over [Strg] + [Shift] + [T] you can restore tabs that have just been closed (guaranteed to work multiple times) and how often have we been annoyed by accidentally closing tabs?

There’s nothing magical about the trick, but you feel a bit like a magician when you conjure up tabs out of thin air, right…?

2. The space bar becomes more key

Pardon the pun, it’s already late in the year. The spacebar prompt on your cell phone is so trivial, but many people apparently weren’t aware of the added value.

By holding down and swiping the space bar, you can place your cursor on your cell phone with precision.

Vertipper, hinfort! And how stupid did we look when we tried to use our finger to get exactly the right place between two letters?

1. Spoiler alert: Water isn’t wet (enough)

Jan and Nicolas take the lead because the most read article got us all wet (and in June that was more than desirable).

A study found out which drink provides the most fluids – and water isn’t even in the top three. We absorb most of our fluids through cow’s milk and orange juice.

This article was read by 64 percent more readers than the graphics card comparison. We have learned for ourselves: it’s the content mix that counts.

We then drink milk, of course. And here’s to a successful and healthy 2024 for all of us.

We presented you with the top 10 of our most read articles and were surprised at what was included. Are you ready for 2024? Do you have any resolutions for the New Year? What content do you want from us? Please let us know in the comments. Until then, we wish you a happy new year!

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