Barack Obama lists his top movies of 2023 –

What do you do once you’ve been president of the United States? Golf seems like a common option, maybe try to start a charity. Maybe even a podcast? For Barack Obama, it seems he spends much of his time outside of politics watching movies.
As has been the case for a while, at the end of each year Obama lists his top movies of the past 12 months. 2023 was a pretty incredible year for film, and so Obama had quite a challenge choosing some of his favorites. The list goes as follows:

  • Canton Rustin
  • Leave the world behind you
  • American symphony
  • The Remainers
  • Burr
  • Anatomy of a fall
  • Oppenheimer
  • American fiction
  • Monster
  • Past lives
  • Air
  • Polite society
  • One thousand and one

He has since added The Colour Purple to this list, but even with that addition, there are two films that stand out in my mind as missing: Killers of the Flower Moon and, of course, the real best film of 2023 in Barbie.

What do you think of Obama’s favorite movies?

Barack Obama lists his top movies of 2023

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