These are the requirements for volunteering for the Hipra vaccine trial

Madrid hospitals Gregorio Marañón, Prince of Asturias y La Paz have already begun to search volunteers to carry out a new phase of the clinical trial with the Hipra vaccine. The first dose of origin Spanish vs. coronavirus is close to launching into the marketalthough it must first go through another study phase which will involve the participation of 200 persons in ten hospitals all over the world Spain.

Thus, Hipra delves into the fourth phase of tests. It should be recalled that the previous started in May and since then the vaccine has demonstrated its efficacy against variants of omicron.

Three doses of Pfizer

The three hospital centers in the Community of Madrid mentioned are looking for people who have received three doses from Pfizer and that the last of them has been administered between the last six and twelve months. In addition, it is also required that these persons must not have been infected still on coronavirus.

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In this fourth phase, the participants study participants will receive a new dosethis time of Hipraand will be followed by 30 months to verify the security long term and the immune response of the vaccine. Once the resultsthese are will be compared at two groups: people with three Pfizer doses and people with two doses Pfizer and one from Hipra.

Hospitals throughout Spain

Awaiting final approval by the European Medicines Agencywhich reviews the evolution of the results of each Hipra trial, it is already known which hospitals will participate in this new phase in addition to the three madrileños already mentioned.

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In Catalonia, we will count on the collaboration of the Clínic y Vall d’Hebron in Barcelona, Germans Trias i Pujol-Can Ruti in Badalona and Josep Trueta in Girona. on the other hand, the Barakaldo Crosses of the Basque Country, the Carlos Haya of Malaga and the Clínico of Valencia will do the same in their respective communities.

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